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    To create awareness about the education opportunities available in technical specialties and MBBS in Abroad.

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Wise education group is the authorized organization to provide admission to indian students in top universities abroad.

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In the fast paced world where education is a major priority,there are many agencies that take the advantage of this. But this consultancy group stands out of the league. It provides the best services to its students till they fulfill their goals. I am grateful to be a part of the group and study MBBS in Ukraine . So be wise and choose wise education group.
Anshuman Kar
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
EAST or WEST #WISE is the BEST Thanks for adding me as the part of your family. They are taking care of me from the beginning and I believe that they will be with me till the end.I got the best university ..#vinnytsia national medical university. They fulfilled my aim which I want to be since my childhood.                  Special thanks to MD Mr.Alok kumar Lal                      THANKS TO THE TEAM WISE
Bikash Chandra Sahu
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
This is not a organisation or agency no more. now it has just became a part of my life as my own family as everyone is so caring that you will never feel you are away from your home. Now Vinnitsya is my second home and I am very much comfortable here only due to Alok sir. and I think this is the only consultancy whose students never have any problem due to the faith and honesty of Alok sir.
Sumeet Kumar Agrawal
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
I am really thankful to the team wise education group for helping me find the perfect university in Ukraine. I am really glad to have chosen kyiv medical University. I don’t just get to learn about medicine but also have a great scope to open my mind up to so many things by interacting with girls and boys of my age from different parts of the world. It is really a wonderful experience. Thank you.
Tanmay Kumar Dutta
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
I'm studying in a good University because of wise education as it helped me to choose the right one. It makes studying abroad very easy without any hassle.
Romya Satpathy
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
This organisation is very sincere and serious about their students. I m very happy to be part of this group. Me very thankful to wise education group for their help and co operation in development of our academic career.
Swati Sagatika Sabat
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
It is in our moments of decision that our destiny is shaped and I am very fortunate that I decided to choose wisely. Thank you WISE EDUCATION for guiding us and inspiring us. and thank you for transforming your promise into reality.
Priyadarshani Satpathy
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
Wise Education is not just a consultant for me, this becomes  a part of my life. all are caring, live like family. i got another family. now my dreams are fulfilled because of wise education group. I am very much thankful to wise education. thank you so much wise education and team
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
I am really very very thankful to Wise Education Group because they helped me a lot to fulfill my childhood dream to become a doctor. when I was little bit confused regarding MBBS in  abroad they supported me a lot ..after coming here in every situations they helped all of us regarding our academics and all other personal issues too..it is just like our second home. really I m feeling very proud to be a part of this family. definitely I would recommend to all my juniors please keep faith on yourself and keep believing on WISE  and take decisions wisely.
Subhsamita Priyadarshini
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
I am very thankful to Wise Education, which helped me to begin my journey of MBBS. They were a constant support in whole process. It would have been difficult without them. It's my family far from home and I am glad to be a part of WISE FAMILY.
Sheetal Mishra
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
Not just an organization but a family too, when I'm so far away from my family I found Wise Education Group so responsible. This consultancy made my MBBS journey an easier one.
Oisikha Chakraborty
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
Wise Education Group is like a family. It's a home away from home. They are there for us right from departure from India and are always ready to help regardless of the circumstances. My experience is really nice and I would recommend Wise Group of Education.
Subhashree Behera
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
It's one of the best consultancies i have came across. I am really privileged to be a part of the Wise Education Group which has been supportive till date may it be health issues or academics. They have undoubtedly stick to their commitments which is a rare thing to find. I would especially like to thank Alok sir for always been their beside his students in every situation no matter what.
Prajanya Paramita Mohapatra
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
For anyone with a passion to achieve a goal, graduating as a  medical student was my first priority.  Wise Education Group came through and helped me succeed, for which I'm humbled and grateful. Wise Education Group is a definite recommendation.
Abhishek Pattanayk
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
Big thanks to wise education group for making my chased dream come true. Pleased with their whole management system and support .The team is serious and sincere and are always ready to help regardless of the circumstances.
Girish Chandra Parida
MBBS student, VNMU, Ukraine
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