Bukovinian State Medical University

Bukovinian State Medical University

Bukovinian State Medical University was established in 1944 and is the university with the highest FMGE passing percentage in Ukraine. The university is located at the western part of Ukraine in the state known as Chernivtsi. In short, the university ist is called BSMU. It is a modern multi-profile university with level IV accreditation (highest in Ukraine).

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Higher State Educational Establishment of Ukraine “Bukovinian State Medical University” (BSMU) is one of the largest higher educational establishments in Chernivtsi. It is a fully government multistructural educational institution of the highest level of accreditation providing educational programmes of different levels. BSMU included into the general register of the WHO, Magna Charta Universitatum (Bologna, Italy), European University Association (EUA), Association of the Carpathian Region Universities.

Over the years of its existence (1944-2019) the University has trained more than 30 000 specialists including the following specialties: General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Pediatrics, Medical Psychology, Clinical Pharmacy.

BSMU includes:

  • 6 faculties (four medical, stomatological, pharmacological);
  • educational-scientific institute of post-graduate education;
  • 49 departments;
  • center of simulation medicine and innovation technologies;
  • educational-producing chemist;
  • college

Directions of training and specialties

The University provides a continuity of higher medical education:

Junior Bachelor → Bachelor → Master → Post Graduate Education → Doctor (PhD).

The University trains applicants for higher education on the following specialties:

  • Medicine (Doctor of Philosophy, Master);
  • General Medicine (Specialist);
  • Pediatrics (Doctor of Philosophy, Specialist)
  • Stomatology (Doctor of Philosophy, Master, Specialist, Junior Bachelor);
  • Medical Psychology (Master);
  • Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation (Master);
  • Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy (Master, Specialist, Junior specialist);
  • Nursing (Doctor of Philosophy, Master, Bachelor, Junior Specialist);
  • Technology of Medical Diagnostics and Treatment (Bachelor);
  • Biology (doctor of philosophy).

Forms of education: day-time and correspondence (specialty “Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy”).
Number of students: 5800 including 1800 foreign citizens.
Teaching is provided by the Ukrainian and English languages (for foreigners).

Material-technical base. The material-technical base of the University is located in 15 buildings, and 33 municipal and regional medical establishments are used for Clinical Departments.
Lecture halls, classrooms, educational-practical pharmacy and laboratories are equipped with modern technical aids to ensure educational process and scientific work, and linked up with Internet.

Innovation pedagogical technologies are successfully applied in educational process:

– Distance learning environment  (moodle.bsmu.edu.ua) containing electronic educational-methodical materials in all the subjects taught at the University including English version as well;
– “Center of BSMU applicant training”  (zno.bsmu.edu.ua) enabling school leavers to prepare for distance external independent testing on the profile subjects free of charge;
– “Electronic register of studies”  (ez.bsmu.edu.ua) introduced by BSMU first among other medical universities of Ukraine.

The University organizes on-line lectures by the leading scientists both from Ukraine and abroad. There are 17 computer classes for self-education and testing students’ knowledge.

The University owns 8 hostels where all the conditions for living and learning of the students are created, as well as 2 cafes and 6 snack bars. The University Library funds number about a million of volumes of educational, scientific, medical literature and fiction.

University teaching staff. The University teaching staff is unique, as real professionals work and are proficient in pedagogical skills:

103 Doctors of Science,
422 Candidates of Science,
80 – Professors,
245 – Associate Professors,
1 – Senior Scientifiс Research Assistant.

The University staff includes 16 Honoured Doctors of Ukraine; Honoured Science Worker; Honoured Educationalist; 2 Laureates of the State Prize in the field of science and technology.

The degree awarded by Bukovinian State Medical University is MD (Physician) which is equivalent to MBBS in India. The course duration for MBBS in Ukraine is 5.8 years. BSMU’s degree is recognized by MCI & WHO. The degree is also recognized by the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), US Education Department, and General Council Of Medicine of Great Britain.

The total duration of the course at Bukovinian State Medical University is 5.8 years, which is the same as all the other universities teaching MBBS in Ukraine.

 The first 3 years are pre-clinical where 20% of the teaching is practical training and the rest is theoretical. After this, the students appear for KROK-1 and upon clearing it, the students move to the 4th year. The final 3 years is the clinical phase where all the classes will be held in different hospitals depending on the subjects being taught to the student at the point of time.

After completing the course, the student needs to clear KROK-2. Once this is done, the student will be awarded an MD Physician degree which is equivalent to MBBS in India. The student can then come back to India and sit for the licensing exam or go for the licensing exam of any other country.

Bukovinian State Medical University is recognized by the following:

  • The Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Medical Board of California
  • Education Ministry of Ukraine

This means that you can appear for the licensing exams in countries such as India, the USA, UK, etc., after graduating from V.N. Karazin KNMU.

Bukovinian State Medical University offers hostel facility to all its students. The hostel provides fully furnished rooms, and the campus is located nearby to the University.

All rooms are equipped with beds, mattresses, pillow, blanket, desk, chair, central-heating facility, and suitable lighting for both study and relaxation. There are common areas where students can play and mingle. Upon the student’s arrival on campus, specific accommodations are assigned, and after a satisfactory health report.

Bukovinian State Medical University hostel features 24-hour access to security and emergency services, making it easy to get assistance when you need it. As a campus resident, you also have access to all the Bukovinian State Medical University support services such as Campus Security Services, Counselling Services, and Health Services.

BSMU is the only university in Ukraine which provides the facility of separate girls hostel for Indian students. None of the other universities in Ukraine provides this facility. Hostel 4 of BSMU is only for girls with no entry for boys. Having a separate hostel for girls is something every parent of a female child is looking for. This ensures to the parents that there will be no issue with security for their daughter. A police station is also located nearby hostel 4. Other hostels like hostel 2,3,5 are also within a walking distance of 3-5 minutes. Kitchen facility is located on each floor within the hostel and Indian mess is located in Hostel-5.

TUITION FEES 3900 3900 3900 3900 3900 3900 23,400
HOSTEL FEES 500 500 500 500 500 500 3000
TOTAL IN US$ 4400 4400 4400 4400 4400 4400 26400
TOTAL IN INR 3,08,000 3,08,000 3,08,000 3,08,000 3,08,000 3,08,000 18,48,000

US $ 1= ₹70 has been taken as the exchange rate above. Please use the current exchange for the calculation of fees in INR.


  • Admission, application and visa charges will be extra.
  • Flight tickets at actual rate extra.
  • Food expenses per year = Approx. INR 70,000 per year extra.

The eligibility criteria for admission in Bukovinian State Medical University for an Indian student is as follows:

Entrance Exam in India There is no entrance exam in India like IELTS/SAT, etc. NEET qualification is a must.
Age The student must be at least 17 years old as on 31st December of the year in which the admission is being taken.
Board The candidate must have completed class 12th from a regular and recognized board.
Marks in class 12th The student must have 50% marks individually in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in class 12th. The student must have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as compulsory subjects in 11th and 12th. The board should be a recognized one.
NEET You need to qualify NEET for admission to any MCI recognized medical university in Ukraine. NEET is valid for 3 years from 2018 onwards.
Passport The student must hold a valid passport.


  • At the time of applying for admission letter, it is not necessary to have a passport. Admission letter can be issued if the student has a valid id proof such as Aadhar card. However, for the invitation letter and for the visa, a valid passport is required.
  • Admission is not possible in V.N. Karazin KNMU if the student has not qualified NEET.

Once a student pays his yearly tuition fee and hostel fee to the University he/she is automatically entitled to the following facilities of the University:

• Universities in Ukraine integrate the academic, residential, and co-curricular spheres of student’s life, linking the out of class experience to the academic mission and incorporating student’s intellectual, public service, and leadership interests with student’s future aspirations

• Student, it is very The student-teacher ratio is 14:1 and individual attention is given to each and every unique because nowhere in India we have this kind of facility

• free Ebooks, course materials, and printed lecture notes are given for all subjects. This lecture notes can be used for all exam preparation in India including the screening test and PG entrance exams in all states of India.

• Medical facilities including accident insurance(upon payment of medical insurance).

• Ultra-modern reading rooms, libraries, and laboratories.

• Access to all the training and recreational facilities, parks, museum, etc.

• Access to sports facilities (gym, indoor stadium, football stadium, swimming pools, etc) and cultural complexes.

• Access to bank ATM machines

• Excursions and educational tours in Ukraine and European countries.

• Wise Education Group takes an active part in social life and solves many social issues. Every year they help students to organize various exciting events. The creative contest “fresher’s party” for the first-year students, and many other events. Also, we organize student parties, shows, games, and festivals like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Holi. Different sports tournaments are organized by us for our students as well, such as cricket, football, tennis, badminton, etc.

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